Best Smart Security Gadgets For Home And Office

Best Smart Security Gadgets For Home And Office

HOME Just that word ‘home’ is enough to get you that feeling of contentment, happiness, comfort and whatnot. It is a place where everyone and almost everything is personally connected to you. You might have kids, pets and expensive stuff at your place. Keeping them safe and secure is always one of your concerns? Let us help you fix this problem. We have lined up some of the smart security gadgets. They use AI to keep your house safe, even when you’re not around. Have a look and pick up the security gadgets best serving your purpose.

1. Webcam Doorbells :

Webcam Doorbells

Webcam Doorbells help you check on the person on your gate from inside your outside your home. This gadget has a security camera installed in it along with a doorbell. It can be connected to your smartphone, laptop or PC and you can easily look at the person outside of your house.

There are many such doorbells available in the market. We suggest you get Qubo Smart WiFi doorbell or Godrej security solutions video doorbell. Features of this security gadgets Godrej doorbell are listed below:

  • Monitoring and talking with a visitor.
  • High resolution Pinhole Camera
  • OSD (On Screen Display) menu available.
  • Do not disturb function available.
  • Hands free
  • Supports two door stations.
  • LED for night vision.
  • Vandal resistant and weather proof outdoor unit.
  • Can be used as an Intercom.

2. 360° View Security Camera:

360° View Security Camera

If you’re looking for a security camera that leaves no place uncovered, you may go for the moon by ring cameras. They provide 360° view of the place they are placed in. These gadgets can easily be connected through smartphones and laptops. They send immediate notifications in case they find anything unusual. You can keep a check on your home by being at the office. There are many such cameras available in the market which serve this purpose. We suggest you buy Mi 360° rotating security camera. Its features are listed below:

  • 360° vision means full home protection.
  • Full color in low light.
  • Intruder alert.
  • TalkBack feature (two-way audio)
  • Conveniently store videos.
  • Multiple views on a single screen.
  • Install upright or inverted.

3. Smart Safe Box:

Smart Safe Box

These smart gadgets are like mini lockers at your home with loads of advanced features such as fingerprint unlock, etc. These help you to keep your expensive jewelry, cash, cards, papers, etc, safe with advanced lock technologies. Some smart boxes available around you are Godrej Goldilocks personal locker, ozone safety solutions or Gunally biometric Gunsafe box. We suggest you to get your hands on the Godrej Smartbox. It’s features are described below:

  • Smart Touchpad.
  • Locking cable compatible.
  • Tamper alert.
  • Tough metal build.

4. Robot Camera:

Robot Camera

If you’re looking for a single camera that protects every part of your house, you may hit for robot cameras. They are not fixed at a place, instead, they can move all over your house providing every possible view at your smartphone. This is the best gadget in the category of security cameras. Smart plastic robot car tank, Aoccy 1080p smart robot camera and SAFETYNET robot camera, etc, are some of the options available in the market. We suggest you to get Aoccy smart robot camera. It’s features are listed below:

  • 1080p high resolution image.
  • Two ways communication.
  • 360° cyclic rotation with Pan and Tilt.
  • Intelligent motion detection alarm.

5. Ring Spotlight Camera:

Ring Spotlight Camera

This security gadgets is best suited for keeping a check on burglars outside your house. It provides a wide-angle view of the outdoors. They can easily be operated through smartphones and laptops. You can go for PKST mini WiFi HD spy IP camera as it is cost-effective and has all the specifications required. Some of its features are listed below:

  • 1080p HD image quality.
  • 110° visual angle.
  • Microphone inbuilt.
  • IR light.
  • Light sensor.
  • Detects motion and sends alarm.

6. Smart Door Handle Lock:

Smart Door Handle Lock

This device upgrades your security system by adding passcode and biometrics and replacing the traditional keys. It’s easily accessible and hassle-free. It has many advanced options available in it like generating OTP for one-time visitors etc. You may go for Qubo, AmiciSmart, Yale or Lavna for smart handle locks. We suggest for Qubo. It’s specifications are given below:

  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Card reader
  • Touch keypad
  • Mechanical keyport
  • Speaker
  • Emergency power port
  • Child lock
  • Timed and one time access supported

7. Xandem home:

Xandem home

If you don’t want to install a camera inside your house but want to keep a check on the unnecessary motions then you could definitely try that. These gadgets have motion censors installed and send notifications if they find any unusual motion around or inside the house. Mengshen, Intelizon, Jenix, Qubo and General Electrics are some of the brand’s which make xandems. We recommend General Electrics motion detectors. It’s features are listed below:

  • Completely wireless.
  • Deters crime
  • Useful for child security
  • Loud alarm
  • Easy to install

8. Smart microchip pet door:

Smart microchip pet door

This smart gadgets comes with two units: 1- door palette for entry and exit of the pets, 2- smart chip which could be attached on the belt of your pet. It automatically allows the access of your pet to the otherwise locked door. This gadget is so trending between pet lovers. Petsafe is the company which makes such smart and small doors for our pets. Features of this door are given below:

  • Four way lock
  • Dual security latches
  • Weather strip
  • Durable plastic frame

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